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Lawyer Mississauga - In order to reduce whatever likelihood that you would need to face criminal charges, jail time and even large fines, our experienced team of lawyers can assist you handle the consequences of tax offenses. Whether or not the tax offense is done unintentionally or intentionally, the offense may lead to major consequences. Tax offenses can be a late payment, non payment and tax evasion.

Tax disputes are serious issues requiring legal representation by experienced income tax lawyers. Our objective is to be able to help you prevent trials in criminal courts, debilitating fines, high interest as well as other serious penalties.

Our lawyers have various strategies and tactics to assist clients who are handling tax offenses. We can assist you to arrange a voluntary disclosure for tax amnesty in order to avoid penalties. There are numerous ways to limit the damages to your as well as your business as a result of a tax offense. We are proactive in assisting clients avoid probable tax assessments, reduce tax risks and plan a course of action to lessen taxes.

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Mississauga is a Southern Ontario city in the western part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), part of the Regional Municipality of Peel. Mississauga is a fast growing city, doubling its people each and every decade for the last couple of decades. It is Canada's sixth most heavily populated municipality (pop. 734,000) and the 3rd most heavily populated city on the Great Lakes. Between the year 1986 and the year 1991, Mississauga had the largest growth in population of whichever city in Canada. Population growth has slowed somewhat ever since then, even if a sustained growth in population continues. Inhabitants of the city of Mississauga are called Mississaugans.

Mississauga's growth is primarily due to its history as a Toronto suburb...